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Company Profile

Absolute 0, Ltd., incorporated in 1998 as a Limited Liability Company registered with the State of Ohio. The company has one principal owner, Jason (Jay) Goodman with an in-house support staff. The company also utilizes well-established sub-contractor relationships for overflow work or value-added resources.

Absolute 0 is a financially stable operation with long-term banking relationships with First Merit Bank and National City. The company has either met or exceeded profit goals each year since its inception. We are located in Medina, Ohio a southwest suburb of Cleveland. We host, develop and maintain contracts with companies throughout the United States.

Doing our best to change the stereotype of the typical "Computer Guy"

Have you ever encountered the Information Technology person (or "Computer Guy" as we like to refer to them) that has that stereotype of being brilliant with very little personal skills? And if there is ever a problem -- it's yours...not theirs. And further, they use technical five syllable words to remind you of how much smarter they are then you and how you don't need to like them, but you DO need them.

Our company philosophy can be summed up like this: Do the best job we can. If something goes wrong, figure out the problem as quickly as possible and fix it. Be honest & accountable. Don't talk down to people -- talk TO them. Computers and technology or frustrating, especially when you put your faith in another. People and companies are not defined by good times, but how they respond to crisis or negativity. If you take notice, we do not have a huge client list, and further, most of the clients that we work with have been clients for a while. This is because we believe in order to take care of a client you cannot spread yourself too thin. In order to gain a persons’ trust, you have to be forthright - no matter good or bad. We will not finger point. If we are working with a third-party, we will work with them - not against them towards a solution. If we make a mistake - we will tell you we made a mistake. Honesty, trust and accountability is what we demand of ourselves and anyone we work with. So when you engage Absolute 0 as your internet development provider, know that we are not the "typical computer" people.