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Frequently Asked Questions - Email

Q. My SPAM is out of control!! What can I do?

A. Systematically, Absolute 0 uses an email Spam reducing agent called " Spam Assassin. It uses a scoring system to evaluate whether mail is legit or spam. There is a wealth of information on the internet as well. Check it out here. "

Q. The "Enter Network Password" dialog box keeps appearing when I go to check my email, what does that mean?

A. It means that you are not putting in the correct username and password for that account. Double check and make sure CAPS isn't on too!

Q. I can SEND email but can't RECEIVE. What is wrong?

A. First, check to make sure your username and password are correct. If you are not sure, login to the web host manager and reset your password. If the problem persists, it most likly a problem with the Absolute 0 server. Place a support ticket or call tech support.

Q. I can RECEIVE email but can't SEND. What is wrong?

A. Depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you may need to authenticate to our server before they will let outgoing mail out. If you go into the tools section of your email program, there should be an "Advanced" or "More Information" button. Inside there you will see a checkbox that says, "my server requires authentication" - make sure this is checked, apply, save and close.

One provider that will not allow for server authentication at all is SBC Yahoo! If you have them as a service provider, you will need to set your outgoing mail to there outgoing mail address. Here is a link that will help you.

Q. My email isn't working and I'm waiting on a very important email!

A. If this is the case (albeit rare) - you are not totally down and out. First, open up a web-browser and go to some website that you know is always there -- like If that site doesn't come up - than odds are your having an internet connection problem. Now if you check that and you are able to access the internet, there are several free email places on the web like hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or gmail. You can setup these accounts in less then 2 minutes and have the sender re-send the message to that address. A pain? Yes, but you'll definatley get that email.