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Frequently Asked Questions - Hosting

Q. We already have an in-house server, why pay to host a website when we have one here?

A. This is a fairly loaded question that can be answered in many different ways, here are some thoughts for you to consider:

  1. Just because you have a server does not automatically mean you can host websites. You will need to check with your server administrator to see what would be involved in configuring your server.
  2. Unless you have a dedicated IT department, hosting your website on your own server can be costly and cause many headaches.
  3. Companies such as Absolute 0 already have systems, services and protocols in place such as backup, power failure, and storage protection in place. Plus the web-based Web Host Manager (WHM) allows you to view web-based email and use administration tools to allow you to view web statistics and control email accounts
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Q. Is the server down?

A. Almost 99% of the time, if the server is down - we are aware of it immediately. There are sometimes when the server "hiccups" during a page request and you might get a "page not found" error -- it's rare, but it happens. Just try reloading/refreshing the page or close out of your browser and restart it. It should be fine.

Q. What does is a domain name and how to I get one?

A. A domain name is essentially a signpost on the Internet. Almost every website you've ever been to, and every email you've ever composed, has used a domain name in its address.

People register domain names or have domain names registered on their behalf, in order to "stake a claim" to a particular name -- whether for business or personal reasons. Once you register a domain name, it is entirely yours, no other party may use that identity online as long as you continue to pay the yearly renewal fee and abide by the terms of use.

Q. If I have another company register my domain, but I paid for it, who owns it?

A. Absolute 0's policy is to ALWAYS list the client as the registrant. However, if someone registers your domain for you and puts in their company name and not yours, according to ICANN, the governing body of Internet Domain Names, the registrant of record is the owner of the domain, regardless of who paid for it.

Q. My domain name is registered, where is it?

A. Once a domain name is registered, the information is shared and made available to other servers all over the world. Since there are millions of domain names, servers update there information usually once or twice a day - some however are 2-3 times per week, therefore, it can take up to 72 hours before you start to see your website once we have set it up on our servers.

Q. Absolute 0 registered my domain name for me, but I've been getting a bill from another company telling me my domain name is ready to expire. Should I just send them the money?

A. NO! It is nothing but a solicitation. They put it into a format that makes it look like an invoice. If you pay it, that serves as authorization for you to change your registrar to them. If you ever get one of these, call Absolute 0 first at (330) 721-4600 and ask for support before paying anything.