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Turn-Key Solutions

Turn-key solutions are applications modules that can be integrated into your website solution.

EzBizBuilder Pro
Content Management System

Absolute 0's content management system EzBizBuilder Pro (EBBP) was specifically designed to make managing the content on your website easier and more efficient. The system and the initial design and setup are installed by Absolute 0, but intended to be used by the client.

The administrative interface provides you with a simple, non-technical way of updating your content. Just point-and-click, type in the new words, and update. Your site is instantly updated.

Equally easy is adding new pages, deleting old ones, or restructuring the site to match your new business model.

The EBBP also automates menial tasks, such as applying the same page layout and appearance across the site. Menus and other navigation are also automatically produced.

Along with the many other administrative tools, this leaves you to concentrate on the words, and not on the technology.
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EzIntegration Pro
Import eCommerce orders into your accounting software*

In a day and age when time is money, nobody should be maintaining two databases let alone two accounting systems! That is why Absolute 0 developed EZIntegrationPro, a web-based module that takes the mappings of your existing software, then produces a batch file that quickly imports all data into your software. The days of double entry are history!
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EzInventory Pro
Inventory management made simple

With our online inventory software, EZInventoryPro, you can easily add, update and remove inventory data in seconds and upload photos that will automatically optimize for the web. You can also export data to multiple third party websites and import data from your existing inventory management system in-house.

EZIntegration Pro legitimizes the "one-stop shop" by combining all of your inventory needs into one simple web-based module.
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